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    Gas Ducted Heating Solutions in Canberra


    Are you looking for affordable heating solutions in Canberra?

    We pride ourselves on offering tailor made heating solutions for our customers from leading brands such as Fujitsu and Braemar.

    Whether you are looking to simply install air-conditioning in your bedroom, or need a system to heat the whole house, we can help.

    Our experienced team will be happy to visit you in your home to advise you on the best system for your needs. 

    Some fantastic special deals are available, keeping your home comfortable has never been more affordable!! 

    We offer a large range of heating systems to suit all budgets, with impressive warranties for peace of mind.

    Fujitsu Inverter Reverse Cycle Heating System

    This impressive system offers premium energy efficiency for every household. It can be over 40% cheaper to run than other heating systems.

    Braemar and Brivis 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Star Gas Ducted Heating Systems

    We provide a range of affordable gas ducted heating solutions in Canberra to suit all budgets.

    This includes the world’s first non-condensing 5 star, 6 star and now 7 star heating systems for the ultimate energy efficiency.


    We are proud to supply the following cooling systems, all with extensive warranties:

    Evaporative Cooling

    An evaporative cooler works by combining natural water evaporation with a simple, reliable air-moving system. Fresh air is pulled through moist pads, then cooled by evaporation and circulated around the property by a large fan inside the unit.

    Air-conditioning - Inverter Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

    This is a fantastic option for efficient heating and cooling. This system can be tailored to your needs, to exclude or zone particular rooms or areas of the home.

    Air-conditioning - Inverter Wall Split Systems

    This system allows you to heat and cool individual rooms. These systems provide fantastic energy efficiency up to 4.92 COP, with running costs from only a few cents per hour.

    Add-On Cooling to Gas Ducted Systems

    Now your gas ducted heating system can also cool your home, with an add-on refrigerated cooling coil. These systems work by air being circulating over a refrigerated cooling coil, by the fan from the gas heater. For effective cooling, the gas ducted heating system usually has to be upgraded with an additional air fan. The capacity of the cooling add-on is usually less than the capacity of the ducted heating system but we can offer professional advice on getting the best efficiency from your cooling add-on by exploring options such as zoning.
    Find out how to make your home more comfortable today, by requesting your free home inspection and quote.
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